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When selecting a tree or plant, what do I need to consider?

Some considerations before purchasing and planting a tree include:

  • hardiness of candidate species
  • the mature height and spread of the plant
  • availability and growth rate
  • cleanliness and maintenance requirements
  • branching habit, texture, and color of bark, flower, fruit and foliage
  • type of root system
  • moisture and fertilizer requirements
  • space availability
  • disease and insect problems that may limit your selections
  • any prior use of the planting site
  • the presence or absence of channelized winds
  • the location of utilities both above and below ground because they are site conditions that dictate plant choice and location
  • location of the plant to roads, walkways, power lines, and security lighting
  • whether the tree is evergreen or deciduous

BC Tree Service can help you determine which plant species are best suited for your desired site. Prior to making any recommendations, our arborists perform an analysis of the specific planting site to determine the potential susceptibility or resistance to environmental conditions.