Should I have my tree staked?

Staking newly planted trees done to prevent wind rock and movement of the roots. Movement can tear new roots, slowing down establishment. A newly planted tree will take a couple of years to anchor itself firmly in the soil.

If your tress needs to be staked, it will depend on how exposed or unstable your new tree is. Guys or stakes should only be used when necessary, such as when roots are not solid in the planting hole or where the tree could be dislodged by high winds. In most instances, the weight of the rootball is normally sufficient to hold the tree in place, assuming it was properly planted. Research has shown that trees not guyed or staked will actually become established and grow faster than guyed or staked trees. It is best to have guys or stakes professionally installed. Many new products are available to the arborist so that a long lasting tree guy or staking system that does not harm the tree can be installed. Eventually guys and stakes must be removed to prevent damage to the tree.