What do I need to know about a transplant tree?

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Tree are normally purchased in three common forms: bare-root, balled and burlapped, and container-grown. All are acceptable, but each has their limitations. Bare-root trees are normally less than 6.5 cm (2.5 inches) in diameter and are normally transplanted in the October to November and in the March to mid-May periods. These plants are sold with the roots tightly packed in … Read More

How do I know if there is enough space to plant a tree?

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Community ordinances may restrict planting of trees near power lines, parking strips, street lights, sewers, traffic control signs and signals, sidewalks and property lines. Municipalities may require planting permits for trees planted on city property. City codes often require that trees on city property be maintained by the city, so citizens planting an improper selection can cause problems for themselves … Read More

When selecting a tree or plant, what do I need to consider?

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Some considerations before purchasing and planting a tree include: hardiness of candidate species the mature height and spread of the plant availability and growth rate cleanliness and maintenance requirements branching habit, texture, and color of bark, flower, fruit and foliage type of root system moisture and fertilizer requirements space availability disease and insect problems that may limit your selections any … Read More

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