Tree Tips for Insects and Pests

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Proper treatment begins with diagnosis. A professional arborist can help you determine what the bug, or insect, is. Once the insect is identified, it can be determined if it is harmful to the tree, beneficial to the tree, or has no effect whatsoever. Many bugs are benign while others are beneficial as they control populations of harmful insects through predation … Read More

How do I identify a plant or tree disease?

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Because of the complexity of these problems, professional help is recommended when trying to diagnose a plant health problem. Certain trees are susceptible to particular diseases and insect problems. What appears to be a disease may actually be caused by other problems. Sometimes the real problem is that the tree has been weakened and/or is in declining health due to … Read More

Plant Health Care: What is it and who needs it?

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Traditional landscape pest control programs rely on what are called cover sprays. The pest control sprays offered are based on pest problems and control measures common to the service area. The cover spray type, method, and timing are all pre-determined. Traditional pest control programs are not necessarily obsolete or bad for the environment and may be the best option for … Read More

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