The benefits of tree care and maintenance

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Landscape trees can help you save money and live more comfortably. With properly placed trees around your house, depending upon where you live, you can reduce winter heating bills. A mature shade tree can block up to 90% of solar radiation, which could translate to a significant reduction in your home cooling cost. Trees act as windbreaks and sun screens. … Read More

Should I fertilize my trees?

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Trees often require fertilization at some point in their life span to replace the nutrients they are missing. Shade trees, like any other landscape plants, will respond to fertilization. Often trees growing in restricted root zone areas are surrounded by pavement, compacted soil, and/or have been physically damaged by construction activities. A trees root system is just as important and … Read More

When to perform tree care or maintenance

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Many tree care activities can be carried out all year long. For other activities there is a season. Spring and summer are the best opportunities to identify tree health problems. A quick inspection can tell whether the tree “looks” healthy compared to previous years or nearby trees of the same species. Diagnosis of the actual cause of the tree problem … Read More

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