Tree Tips for Construction

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Can trees be damaged by construction? A tree’s environment may be altered greatly during construction. Various tree species respond differently to construction. Trees, unlike animals, cannot move. As a consequence, a tree must adapt to the changes that occur during construction. Some trees are better at this than others. Construction damage to trees may not be apparent to the homeowner … Read More

Tree Tips for Storm and Weather Damage

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Identifying hazards after a storm You could be held liable if a hazardous branch or tree falls and damages property or causes personal injury after a storm. If you suspect or can see storm damage to your tree, you should consider getting a tree care professional to assess the damage. Any assessment should check for the presence of broken or … Read More

Hollow trees and ‘Fillings’

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Filling of hollow trees, a process called “cavity filling,” was practiced by arborist for many years. Modern research. However, has shown that this procedure is not needed to support or improve the health of hollow trees. Tree experts have found that cavity filling with cement can actually damage a hollow tree. The rubbing created by the swaying tree and the … Read More

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