Tree Tips for Construction

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Can trees be damaged by construction? A tree’s environment may be altered greatly during construction. Various tree species respond differently to construction. Trees, unlike animals, cannot move. As a consequence, a tree must adapt to the changes that occur during construction. Some trees are better at this than others. Construction damage to trees may not be apparent to the homeowner … Read More

Should I ‘top’ my trees?

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Topping or severely cutting back of a tree’s crown is a poor arboricultural practice and should not be used for healthy tree maintenance. The common reason given for topping is to limit the growth of a tree, but this does not occur. In reality, the fast-growing watersprouts will actually outgrow a similar-sized tree that has not been topped in about … Read More

Tree Pruning tips and guides

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Pruning trees, especially when younger, helps promote healthy trees with good branch architecture. Good pruning: * promotes good branch structure * can correct poor branch structure * reduces potential hazards * improves overall health by removing dead, diseased, and dying branches * gives the arborist a chance to examine the tree more closely than possible from the ground Pruning Standards … Read More

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