BC Tree Service has been providing quality customer care to our clients in the Greater Vancouver area for over 25 years.

At BC Tree Service, we are proud to specialize in tree and tree-related services and are more than happy to assist in situations where you need a professional opinion, assessment, and/or our exceptional services. We’ve got a great safety and performance record with the right equipment to back it up.


BC Tree Service carries a wide range of equipment to meet your tree and plant care needs. At BC Tree Service, all of our equipment is constantly inspected and kept to industry standard. Pruning shears, chainsaws, chippers, stump grinders, and a sawmill – we’ve got what it takes to get the job done right.


Our trained staff of arborists are committed to providing professional, safe and cost effective services. We keep our staff up-to-date on best practice, follow ISA standards, and take the required time to train in the proper use of all tools and equipment.

BC Tree Service WCB

BC Tree Service employees are covered by the WCB of BC. They are fully trained and knowledgeable about workplace safety and hazards.

BC Tree Service
Founder BC Tree Services


BC Tree Service has instituted a commitment to responsible customer care that we diligently adhere to year after year. We ensure that the final product meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations, every time. Our reputation as a vendor providing quality and timely assistance allows us to establish long-standing relationships with our clients.

“At BC Tree Service, our customers come first. Not only do we pride ourselves in meeting our clients’ expectations, we understand the value of repeat business and in maintaining an excellent reputation in our community. To us, business is more than just a bottom line.”

At BC Tree Service, we recognize the stress that can come along with an emergency. Our team is here to help, 24/7. In any situation BC Tree Services provides the knowledge, equipment, and resources to provide the level of service you deserve – That is our personal guarantee.


At BC Tree Service we are always interested in speaking with hard working motivated people who are looking for employment. Whether you are a experienced and qualified arborist or just keen to get into the tree industry, we are open to talk.

We strive to provide a safe and fun working environment with competitive remuneration packages. Please feel free to send your resume or just give us a call.

Our clients

Some of BC Tree Service’s current and previous corporate clients include.


I have never seen 4 harder working men!!! They all arrived on time and went right to work.All were not only working together as a team but at all times were mindful of keeping the surroundings safe and clean. Frankly, I was humbled by their work ethics and embarrassed peaking out the window videoing them to share with friends to show how hard working these men were. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer BC Tree Services and it’s entire staff…..Big thanks to Tim and his team! Forever grateful.

Raymond J. (via Yelp)

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